Have you ever wondered how some people are able to achieve massive amount of success in their chosen fields and endeavours, while some people work just as hard and achieve nothing?
There are of course key factors that certainly can help people achieve their goals. However, there is just one key ingredient that goes into success that simply can’t be overemphasised, and that’s vigilance.
Success can be defined in many ways by dozens of people. I prefer to view success as a worthwhile journey whose reward is evident as a result of embarking on, staying the course, and completing that journey. Vigilance requires a more careful approach, paying full attention to detail and always being on your toes, watching and ready to go against whatever task the competition may have set.
To be successful, it’s very important to be vigilant in what you do and watch the kind of attention you attract. You have to be the biggest consultant of yourself before making any decisions or allowing the advice, input or opinion of anyone else to penetrate your heart.
In the pursuit of success, one has to be on their toes, in fervent vigilance, why you may ask? I’ll tell you. In whatever you do, information is key. Is it to outshine your competition, or give you an edge in whatever business venture you’re into, that’s what vigilance can get you. It doesn’t just stop at being careful and critically analysing your every move. It goes on to you keeping yourself abreast with every information that you could possibly lay hands on in regards to your success, keeping yourself updated, staying vigilant so as not to allow any information pertaining to your success pass you by.