The Power of Our Thoughts and Mindset Part 2

You may think its normal to be pessimistic but you should know that your thoughts are like a small seed which can grow out of proportions and manifest itself in your life and influence your everyday actions and decisions.
If you feed your mind with negative and pessimistic thoughts, there’s always the tendency that you are laying the foundation of self-doom and failure in your life.

The kind of mindset you have towards your career can also affect you; always thinking negatively can rub off on other people.

People in positions of help may turn you down, people may gradually begin to desert you and your social life will become a mess.
Your thoughts and mindset is sacred, guard it. If you’re a person that’s aiming to achieve success in life, you’ll want to begin thinking positively for a start. Your mindset impacts your consciousness one way or the other.

The stories behind great and successful people like Nelson Mandela and Oprah Winfrey gives us a lot to take home. These are people that came through regardless of the circumstances they found themselves in. They had full control over the kind of thoughts that went through their minds every day.

They were ever conscious of the fact that their thoughts were instrumental if they ever wanted to make it, and then they learnt to harness it. They taught themselves to believe in themselves and in things they wanted. This is where many people go wrong, they are afraid to imagine and most of all, they are afraid to believe in themselves. Thinking positively or negatively goes a long way in determining if you’ll achieve your dreams or not.
Let’s look at somethings you can do to improve on your mindset and thinking;

Watch This Video on Visualisation by Tony Robbins

1. Believe in yourself: Never let what people say about you get to you. Always believe in yourself, this is the first step in improving your thoughts and mindset towards things.

2. Visualise your dreams and aspirations: Someone who thinks negatively never takes the time out to dream and have aspirations because they believe that nothing good ever comes out of what they do. You must change that; work on yourself, open your mind, have a goal in life and work towards achieving it. This helps to put you on the right track and keeps you determined and focused on something.

3. Refrain yourself from thinking negatively: It may not be easy at first but you must learn that negative thoughts corrupt your mind. They have the tendency to manifest in your daily actions if not checked. Try to always think positive. Appreciate yourself always. Keep your mind focused on things that are fruitful and rewarding.