The Gold Mine

The Gold mine

We need to train and exercise our minds on a daily basis. The same way we train our bodies to the extreme, the same must be said for the mind, the Gold mine that takes a permanent life seat between your ears.

We need to free our mind from rubbish that we pick up daily, T.V, Radio, newspapers and even some lengths of social media your mind is precious and you must protect it from negative junk. I know by putting your digital device down mobile phone etc, within a short space of time you would pick it up again, I’m the same.

I would encourage you to challenge yourself with a 5 day exercise to train your mind; you know, the same way you do push-ups with your physical body do the same with your mind the gold mine that has it’s seat between your ears, when successful do it again for 10 days then by the time you know it, it will become normal habit.

The only thing in this world that can take you to your goals in life is your Gold mine, everyday by training your mind it will surprise you of the power and greatness of its ability.

The military mind set, grab a sheet of paper and write down just 5 impossible goals and aim towards them if you fail the first round just start over again, remember your building for your future. If you need help just comment or send me a message.