The Factors To Consider on The Path!


What will help us make wise choices in life? Often, having sufficient knowledge about a subject matter aids our decision-making process. For instance when contemplating accepting a job offer from another city or state, wouldn’t it be reasonable to first find out details about the job, like: What is the take-home pay? How much travel is involved? What other benefits are attached to the job? Can I get affordable and comfortable accommodation in this new location? Will I need to relocate my family? Being able to provide satisfactory answers to these questions and much more would avert disappointments with the job in the future.
It is also important to consider what effects our decisions can have on others, especially our family and friends. You wouldn’t want to go visiting every drinking parlor in town just because you can or gamble with all your life’s savings simply because it’s your money. Giving careful consideration to the consequences of our actions on others often prevents damaged relationships, loss of trust and feelings of guilt.
While allowing others to decide for us may seem an easy way out, the fact remains that we will have to live with the consequences whether good or bad. Consulting with others is not wrong in itself, and is often encouraged, we do not want to allow others decide for us or pressure us into making wrong decisions.
Another important factor to consider is your personal goal in life. What are you out to achieve? Will following this path bring you closer to achieving your life’s goal? Will you derive satisfaction from following this course or will it lead to future regrets? An honest consideration of the facts will lead to making wiser choices.


Life can be amazing and should be! We are all endowed with one gift or the other and can find satisfaction in discovering and harnessing them without limits. Certainly, winning at life has a lot to do with the choices we make daily. Often, our present circumstances in life are as a result of our past actions or inactions. The game of life is meant to be played and won. At all times it is important that we set the right goals, make wise choices and win every day and in every way because losing is not an option.