Goal Setting is quite an interesting topic of conversation that centres on personal development, self-discipline and self-improvement. It comes as no surprise that a lot of people talk about goals but never end up setting them. Why is this you may ask? Well, there are a couple of reasons why people fail to set goals talk more of achieving them.

Let’s take a look at what goal setting mean. Goal setting involves you as a person establishing a specific, achievable and relevant objective under a given period. We must understand that the setting of goals requires focus coupled with diligence and it takes an added effort to successfully accomplish a goal.

It’s pretty obvious to see how goal setting and the completing of visions relate. We know that visions involve being able to think or plan for the future with imagination and wisdom.

A lot of people fail to set goals mostly because they don’t know how. They never thought to learn the techniques involved in goal setting. You can start by taking a pen out and writing out what you want to accomplish, your goals and the time you intend on completing them. Here, your imagination and thinking play a significant role.

I realized that most people mix up and confuse goal setting and vision statement. Let’s take embarking on a trip for example;

  • Vision: A vision sets in place the whole idea of you embarking on a trip. It helps give you a mental note or picture of what the trip should entail.
  • Goal: A goal deals with critical decisions you make in regards to the trip. Should you embark on the trip or should you not? Should you fly or drive? Setting your mind on some activities you’d love to do while you’re there, the results and what you should be able to accomplish at the end.

Another reason why people end up not setting goals is that they try to avoid it. They prefer to solve a problem rather than make plans for a goal. Why? It’s simply because most people never try to envision themselves from a new perspective. They are scared of creating a vision and don’t want to imagine and think of the future.

But then, just writing down your goals isn’t enough when you have to complete them. You have to use the power of your mind to imagine all the outcomes and probabilities that might happen from every single decision you make when setting a goal up to how and the time in which you would accomplish it. Refine and evaluate your visions and try to relate it to your goals. Once you have done that, make an effort to identify the steps needed for the achievement of that goal.

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The setting of goals and completing of visions are like two sides of a coin. You lay your sights on a vision in your mind and then by setting a goal; you are trying to bring that imagination or dream to reality.