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  • The Confident Person

    The Confident Person

    The confident person is someone with an innately firm attitude which allows them to have a positive and realistic perception of themselves and their abilities. They’re mostly characterized by attributes such as pride, independence, optimism, emotional maturity, and enthusiasm. Many a times we may have found ourselves in situations whereby we chicken out from certain […]

  • The Power Our Mindset Holds

    The Power Our Mindset Holds

    THE POWER OUR MINDSET HOLDS One of the greatest things you can have as a person is your mind! Your mind is what drives you to do what you do and be who you are. Your mind is where every idea, every concept, your feelings, your beliefs, your desires, your intentions, and your opinions are […]

  • The Factors To Consider on The Path!

    The Factors To Consider on The Path!

    FACTORS TO CONSIDER What will help us make wise choices in life? Often, having sufficient knowledge about a subject matter aids our decision-making process. For instance when contemplating accepting a job offer from another city or state, wouldn’t it be reasonable to first find out details about the job, like: What is the take-home pay? […]

  • The Path

    The Path

    THE IMPORTANCE OF CHOOSING THE RIGHT PATH IN LIFE Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads and not knowing where to turn or what choices to make? Every day in life we are confronted with choices big or small. From mundane things such as what movies to watch, what clothes to put on or […]

  • Self-Centered


    DON’T BE SELF-CENTERED. IT’S NOT GOOD TO BE SELF-CENTERED (IT’S NOT ONLY YOU THAT HAS GOOD OR BAD ISSUES) Two words that people often use interchangeably are selfish and self-centered. However, there is a significant difference between the two. What exactly does it mean to be self-centered? The dictionary defines being self-centered as Tending to […]

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